Security Surveillance Survey and Consulting


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Network & WiFi Service Delivery (Only ELITE Customers)
Network & WiFi Service Delivery (Only ELITE Customers)
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10.000 ر.ع.
Access Card Reader Pro 1102A Series
Access Card Reader Pro 1102A Series
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18.700 ر.ع.
Survey and Consulting

Security Surveillance Survey and Consulting
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Elevate your security and connectivity with our all-inclusive Smart Home Consulting Survey. Our expert consultants will conduct a thorough assessment of your property, providing personalized recommendations for security surveillance, gate automation, door phone systems, network, WiFi, and smart home integration. From design to implementation, we ensure a seamless and secure connected living experience.

1 Hour Consulting Survey Services Include:
1. Security Surveillance:
- Evaluation of property layout for optimal camera placement.
- Recommendations for high-quality surveillance cameras and systems.
- Integration with smart security features for enhanced monitoring.

2. Gate Automation:
- Assessment of gate structure for automation compatibility.
- Tailored recommendations for automated gate systems.
- Integration with access control and security protocols.

3. Door Phone Systems:
- Evaluation of entry points for door phone installation.
- Recommendations for intercom systems with video capabilities.
- Integration with smart home and security networks.

4. Network & WiFi:
- Analysis of property size and layout for effective network coverage.
- Recommendations for routers, access points, and network optimization.
- Security audit and implementation of encryption protocols.

5. Smart Home Integration:
- Consultation on smart home devices compatible with your lifestyle.
- Recommendations for home automation systems.
- Integration with security, lighting, and entertainment systems.

Terms and Conditions (T&C):
1. Service Scope:
- The consulting survey covers assessments and recommendations for security surveillance, gate automation, door phone systems, network, WiFi, and smart home integration.

2. Scheduling:
- The survey appointment will be scheduled in advance with the client.
- A detailed report with recommendations will be provided post-survey.

3. Access to Premises:
- The client must provide unobstructed access to all relevant areas during the survey.
- Any necessary access credentials must be provided in advance.

4. Recommendations:
- Recommendations provided are based on the consultant's assessment and industry best practices.
- Implementation of recommendations is at the discretion of the client.

5. Payment Terms:
- Payment for the consulting survey is due upfront.
- Additional charges may apply for detailed reports or follow-up consultations.

6. Liability:
- The consultant will provide recommendations based on their expertise, but they are not liable for implementation or unforeseen issues post-survey.

By engaging in our Smart Home Consulting Survey, you agree to these terms and conditions. Our goal is to provide tailored recommendations for a secure, connected, and efficient living environment.

As always, it's advisable to consult with a legal professional for specific details and to ensure compliance with local regulations.

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20.000 ر.ع. VAT Excluded

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